Our Commitment to Service 


Whether the challenge is legislation that needs passage, an electoral or issue campaign that needs winning advice, or a matter that calls for strategic communications, the MirRam Group will deliver its 15 year track record of personal attention and unparalleled success that has made it one of the most sought after consultancies in New York.





Our team has a deep knowledge of the New York State and City legislative processes.  We offer strategies for developing initiatives, presenting objectives and building legislative support that also earns community support for legislative items. In addition we track legislative initiatives and budgetary requests from one legislative session to the next, and effectively shift our client strategies to adapt to changing political realities.


Government Relations


We understand the principles involved at each level of government and within the different governmental organizations and create strategic roadmaps for our clients to effectively navigate the NYS political landscape and the opportunity to build relationships with government institutions.


Campaign Services


MirRam is a one-stop shop for the most comprehensive list of political campaigning services, that include vote targeting, fundraising, political strategy, endorsement strategy; direct mail, radio, TV and phone campaigns; communications plan and election day operations.  We've consulted in statewide, citywide and local races since 2000, including NYS Gubernatorial, Attorney General, State Comptroller, City Mayoralty, Public Advocate, City Comptroller and City.




MirRam offers a comprehensive amalgam of strategic communication services that include: defining and establishing long and short-term communication goals, message development, crisis management, media training, advertising, coverage analysis, production and distribution of press releases and other editorial and marketing collaterals, linked directly to successful campaigns. 




The most effective communication and marketing strategies are built on accurate research. Using traditional and contemporary research methods, and combining this with our understanding of stakeholders’ opinions and motivations, we help our clients to develop the most-targeted, comprehensive data for effective planning, massaging and action for successful campaigns.